Who are we?

Your Backup Crew provides cyber data security for both your websites and email accounts as a service. Our team aims to help solo-entrepreneur, startups and small medium businesses implement cyber security solutions. Back-story of Your Backup Crew is that it is a brand under Your Idea Crew, an IT & UX/UI development agency. Our agency is made up of startup veterans and subject matter experts on developing digital products for customers. We create websites, mobile apps and chatbots for listed companies and small medium businesses. These clients were facing increasing challenges of protecting their online presence, keeping them safe from constant attacks by bad actors like scammers and hackers. We decided to bundle our solutions on offered to these customers into a service called Your Backup Crew to help more companies to secure their digital assets in cyber space.

Guy Consulting Client

Why we care?

As more solo-entrepreneurs, startups and small medium businesses go digital and create assets online, they are open and vulnerable to the dangers of cyber hacking and cyber ransom. We have seen first hand how our clients lost months data or have their businesses impeded by thieving hackers or jealous rivals. We create this Your Backup Crew as a solution to help these helpless companies that may not have the knowledge or experience to implement good cyber security tactics with up to date information. We want your business to continue to run like clockwork and you having a peace of mind knowing that Your Backup Crew is on top of things.


And that is how the solutions of Your Backup Crew came about.. Our team will help you to implement and handle your cyber security. From implementing SSL to secure CDN to your sites and having 24 hour monitoring of your website for external attacks. Our system have hourly backup of your website data that our team can restore with 1 click. We also provide a way to secure your emails to prevent corporate espionage or sabotage from dubious ex-staff members. In short, we are capable to be your IT backup crew!

 Take comfort in knowing that your data is always safe and secure.

  Backup in the secure cloud servers using military grade encryption.